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Who are River & Wren

River & Wren is something I’ve been unknowingly working on for years. To turn this dream into reality gives me goosebumps. From the very first time that I saw how powerful herbal magic can be, I was hooked.

Our name is more than just 9 letters; it has a deep connection to our brand. River symbolises the constant change in life. With every second or season, we are constantly experiencing change and like a river, we are always moving forward. Wren represents rebirth and the promise of spring. Knowing what I know now, it’s never too late to start a herbal healing journey. We share our lives with our family, whether they have two or four legs.

River and Wren will consistently deliver the best quality lifestyle products that have been hand selected and handmade to be shared and loved by all. Incorporating herbal products into everyday life has never been so easy.


Full Worm Moon - 25th March 2024
What do worms (parasites) and the full moon have in common? Well more than you might think! Find out more in our latest jounral entry
Inside Our Detox Blend: Supporting Your Canines Natural Wellness
Do they seem a bit sluggish lately? Maybe their coat isn't quite as shiny as it used to be? If you're looking for a way to support your dog's natural wellness journey, then look no further! In this journal post, we'll be diving deep into our all-natural canine detox blend, formulated to help your pup thrive. We'll explore the benefits of each ingredient and how they work together to promote internal cleansing and overall health. So, buckle up (or should we say, curl up with your pup?) and let's get started!
Finding Calm: Unveiling The Power Of Our Calming Topper
Crafted with care and expertise, our blend is specially formulated to promote relaxation and a sense of tranquility for your beloved canine. Whether it's thunderstorms, fireworks, separation anxiety, or other stressful situations, our calming blend offers a gentle way to support your canine's emotional well-being. Trust in the power of nature to bring peace and comfort to your four-legged companion.
Get To Know Our Digestive Blend
Today marks the introduction of our newest product, the Canine Collection Digestive Blend. Recognising the significance of our pets' well-being, we have meticulously formulated this blend to promote optimal digestive health and overall wellness for your beloved dogs. Join us in delving into the advantages of this exceptional formula and its potential positive impact on your dog's quality of life. Prepare to unveil a novel approach to enhancing your canine companion's vitality!
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